You know that feeling
When you're laying in the sun
with a bright blue t-shirt over your face
because you forgot your sunglasses and hat?

Stare through it for awhile.
and dream.

Or take it off
and then close your eyes tight
after looking into the  sun for a brief second.

Look at a candle flame,
don’t blink for a minute until you shed a tear.
Close your eyes now
and watch the spectrum of suns; pink, gold and pulsing violet.

Let this sun energy anchor your breath and your experience
Rest into that light.

The way you would lay in an alpine meadow on a summer day
palms open. chest warm.
making your own solar eclipse.



Indigo. Cerulean. Ultramarine. Reflex. Cobalt. Azure. The many names and ways of Blue. The further away an object is, the more it appears blue and via-a-versa. Our sky and ocean appear blue because blues have the shortest wavelengths in the spectrum and are more easily scattered as the light of the sun illuminates. We think of blue related to harmony, faithfulness, confidence in the future, and interestingly - with sadness - which might mimic the deeper shades of blue and rain (mythical tears of the ancient gods). Blue for me is also this twilight hour, this in-between place that gives access to deeper states. Last night was a magical blue that seemed to explore the entire range of that colour. I was thinking of a dear soul that left her body this week and later this sky lit up... a light that seemed to emerge from within as night had already settled in.