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Svarupa, from its sanskrit roots, means “one’s own nature”. The work of Yoga over the centuries - both modern and ancient - has sought to direct our human experience back to its source. This movment or flow inwards to an “own centre” is a path which allows either a deeper intimacy with Self, our environment and community.

It may start with the idea that we can transcend our suffering to find a space of steadiness and ease.   It may mean that we learn how to reside in our centre, less influenced by the things that often knock us around -  living more fearless and clear. And it may also mean that we discover ways to embrace our life as it is right now - full of its difficulties and chaos to find the pearl in the pig’s ear.

In all of these traditional processes, there is a heroic journey of healing and insight gained through the practices. Yoga is self-experiential - we have to do it! We live into these practices and allow them to shift us as we shift. And by holding steady and doing them over time, we slowly find ways to heal the stories in our bodies and minds and come in intimate contact with our own nature - svarupa.

Within these pages are resources and inspiration for those wanting  to dive into such work with patience, humility, gratitude and a sense of lightness. Through the body - through the breath - through the mind.


About Stephen Thomas

Stephen has been a dedicated student of yoga since 1999. Since leaving his home in Western Canada, he has practiced, taught and lived in Asia and Europe, studying traditional practices and experimenting with modern synthesis, which he incorporates into a clear but non-dogmatic yoga practice.  

His background includes studies in Hatha Yoga, Classical Yoga and Buddhism. He continues an in-depth study of traditional Pranayama and Philosophy through his central teacher, O.P.Tiwari based in Lonavla India. This foundational work in Pranayama and Meditation is combined with his deep love for the Asana practices that stems from his direct experience and experimentation with the classical Vinyasa systems and alignment and theraputic approach of the Iyengar system. His work continues to evolve towards what seems to work for students and what can create clarity and transformation.

Stephen’s appreciation for nature, philosophy, art and music is woven in a simple, direct way to the practices.

His ability to re-frame various viewpoints/practices and to simplify things without sacrificing depth and integrity has helped him develop a unique teaching approach. His works spans Meditation, Pranayama, Asana and the commitment to seeing the practice off the mat. He uses these methods as tools for health and wellbeing and to support the spiritual pursuit of living life courageously and compassionately from one’s own dharma.


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